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Taking Care of Ourselves and Others
07 20 08, 2:34 pm
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My girlfriend Lisa always sends me such rich reading material throughout the week. My health and feeling good this year are a priority to me this year, which is why I found these articles to be an interesting compliment to my pursuits.  

“It’s All in the Mind:  75 ways to think your way into good health” is here  

Dr. Mercola always has healthy tidbits. “Carry Out Random Acts of Kindness Every Day” at gives us great ideas about the little things we can do to make a difference for someone else.  Did you know there is an entire website dedicated to random acts of kindness?  Learn more @ .

It’s been shown that being kind to a person can create a delicious chemical cocktail in our brains for the receiver and giver of such an act.  However, just witnessing an act of kindness can increase your dopamine levels, too!  Get your rocks off this week.  Take the challenge and double your generous acts this week!

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