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GenY, Guide from a Kind Soul
08 21 08, 4:15 pm
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When dealing with multi-generational dynamics, there are definitely similarities with demographics.  GenY gets labeled full of entitlement, attached to technology, and entirely too independent.  The reality is that GenY speaks differently than other generations.  They think differently, and, technology makes that distinction even more exaggerated than other past generations have experienced.  

I saw Nancy Barry speak on GenY recently at a conference.  She’s the recent author of “When Reality Hits:  What Employers Want Recent College Graduates to Know,” a great resource for those graduating from college about to enter the work force.  It’s a guide for GenY’ers of do’s and don’ts to follow when starting a new job.  For GenX’ers or Baby Boomers it may seem like common sense and obvious, but it’s a generous resource for helping GenY’ers understand what will move them forward when working with multiple generations, what the expectation is, and how they can fulfill that.

Something to think about…
If GenY’ers are extremely informal, self confident, task oriented, and inquisitive, how could these characteristics be strengths for your company and/or team from a business perspective?

Do you have GenY colleagues that you don’t connect with?  Are they clear about the expectations?  Do they know what would work better for you?  

To learn more about other GenY Specialists, you can also check out Next Generation Consulting or the NGC Blog.

Other GenY resources/guidebooks? Your suggestions and comments are welcomed…

Tennis + Life
08 14 08, 10:14 pm
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At a dinner party with friends, my husband and I and one other couple talked about taking tennis lessons.  Although one of them a “semi-pro” back in the day, we all took a beginner course. During the class, I couldn’t help but laugh at the parallels from the Tennis coach’s feedback about my game and how applicable it was to my life….words like “Don’t force it”  “Protect your face from flying balls” “Finish that backhand with some follow through”.  

I believe that what shows up in one part of our lives most definitely shows up in another.  At least that’s been my personal and professional experience.   Even knowing that didn’t prepare me for the obvious.    

There is a book called The Inner Game of Tennis: The Classic Guide to the Mental Side of Peak Performance that I bought a few years back when I first became a coach.  It was highly recommended and has continued to gather dust on my book shelf in my office.  I suppose it’s time that I pick that sucker up and start readin’!   

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