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Austin City Limits Festival Picks
09 29 08, 2:10 pm
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Fun, quick blog entry from the weekend of ACL festivities here in Austin, TX.
Here’s one day of treats…

Fleet Foxes –


Sharon Jones + The Dap Kings –



Jose Gonzales –



A New Day
09 21 08, 7:28 pm
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I feel a bit changed today.  Last night we threw a benefit at our home.  This benefit marked the culmination of a fundraising effort with our friends and family for DiscoverHope Fund (DHF),an Austin based non-profit 501(c)(3) international development organization  promoting abundance for women and their families living in economic poverty through microcredit and sustainable support systems.

Together we raised around $6500 dollars for DHF.  

It really opened up my eyes to the hearts that people have – the generosity and care for humanity. The recession and political environments don’t currently  foster or reward positivity and hope (no innuendo intended), but there was a shift for me last night.  Create the environment you want to be around. Surround yourself with people who believe in the same things that you love or just support.  Inspire action through providing people with new ways to see their gifts and talents and where that’s needed and useful.  

Thank you to all of our friends that came and gave their resources and time, to those that donated without enjoying the festivities, to those that coached me through the hard times during the process, to those that checked in via phone or email before the event to wish us a great success, and to the woman who made this event all possible through her commitment to women in poverty… Your kindness and attention make me so grateful and proud to know you.   

Social Media + Coworking Spaces
09 19 08, 2:07 pm
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As part of my overall networking efforts, I attended a Social Media meeting last night.  Once I embraced that this was going to be a learning experience, the shared 20 +different social media applications became an assignment for me versus a barrage of strange words that sounded like Klingon.  I know Social Media can work for community and for my business in a new way.  The question to dive into is  – How? 

The dialogue I witnessed and participated in was exciting, collaborative, active, and quick.  I walked away with new companies and entrepreneurs to explore here in Austin, and a new group to continue to participate in.  

John Metcalf, a 24 year old graduate of UT Austin, was the highlighted guest.  He is a co-founder of several companies, but his most recent incarnation is Conjunctured .  Conjunctured provides an unique environment of shared working spaces.  Collaboration, community, passion, and sustainability are just some of the elements of their innovative space.

It’s located on the East side of Austin, which is a diverse eclectic neighborhood filled with working families and is home to most of the cities’ artists of all kinds. Entrepreneurs, typically techie-friendly and passionate, are their clients and office mates.   

According to an article  in the Austin Statesman – there are several dozen of these shared working spaces popping up all over the globe.  Aside from domestically, countries in Latin America and Europe are also using this model.  To learn more click here.  

One of the goals of this Conjunctured group is to create a start-up district in Austin.  Cities often court large corporations by giving big tax breaks.  One of the approaches is this:  What if the city fostered the start-up environment in a way that financially encouraged entrepreneurs to come to Austin?  Those successful entrepreneurs and their companies could help grow the local economy through a ground-up approach.  Not only does this bring additional Creative Class agents into the city, but it also encourages existing entrepreneurs from leaving.  

Austin is one of the top five Creative Class cities in the country.  The start-up district is just one way to advance the creative talent and expertise this city has to offer. 

09 09 08, 10:09 pm
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I’ll be honest.  Networking is one of those words I can’t stand.  In my mind, it’s slick people doing trying to do deals for the sale, not the relationship.  

It’s silly, really.  I have been in sales for almost a decade now. And, when I started my coaching practice, one of the things that I had to really get clear about is that marketing and sales is where I will continue to spend a large percentage of my time. 

Now, I love people.  I really love people.  It’s one of the main reasons that I became a coach. Engagement, conversation, and relating are definitely in my top 10 things I love about life.  

But I had a lot of resistance in getting out there to meet new people in a “networking” environment.  

So, as we do, I sat on the thought of networking for quite some time.  Do I want to go to networking events?  What kind of events do I really enjoy?  Where do I meet the people that I connect with most?  Should I stretch myself?  

Well, a past friend and client helped stretch me.  She just transitioned into a new career, and she’s is out there to win it!  She’s going to meetings all over town and really working on her brand.  It’s her generosity that has continued to open my eyes to new groups and opportunities.  

She calls it the “Rushing” of the networking groups.  Since I was never in the Greek system (Go BC!) I couldn’t relate directly, but I found the comment hilarious nonetheless.  

Since the inception of my website going live, I made a commitment.  I’m going to “test” some groups out for the remainder of the year.   See what works.  What doesn’t work.  What works but it’s not worth it.  Or what doesn’t work but could work better.  I want to belong to one group in 2009, so I suppose the realtiy is…I’m dating networking groups, looking for one I can give a commitment to.  

The list will grow, but here are a few I have come across so far.  Wish me luck!

Austin Women Entrepreneurs
Networking on Fire
Young Women’s Alliance

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