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09 09 08, 10:09 pm
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I’ll be honest.  Networking is one of those words I can’t stand.  In my mind, it’s slick people doing trying to do deals for the sale, not the relationship.  

It’s silly, really.  I have been in sales for almost a decade now. And, when I started my coaching practice, one of the things that I had to really get clear about is that marketing and sales is where I will continue to spend a large percentage of my time. 

Now, I love people.  I really love people.  It’s one of the main reasons that I became a coach. Engagement, conversation, and relating are definitely in my top 10 things I love about life.  

But I had a lot of resistance in getting out there to meet new people in a “networking” environment.  

So, as we do, I sat on the thought of networking for quite some time.  Do I want to go to networking events?  What kind of events do I really enjoy?  Where do I meet the people that I connect with most?  Should I stretch myself?  

Well, a past friend and client helped stretch me.  She just transitioned into a new career, and she’s is out there to win it!  She’s going to meetings all over town and really working on her brand.  It’s her generosity that has continued to open my eyes to new groups and opportunities.  

She calls it the “Rushing” of the networking groups.  Since I was never in the Greek system (Go BC!) I couldn’t relate directly, but I found the comment hilarious nonetheless.  

Since the inception of my website going live, I made a commitment.  I’m going to “test” some groups out for the remainder of the year.   See what works.  What doesn’t work.  What works but it’s not worth it.  Or what doesn’t work but could work better.  I want to belong to one group in 2009, so I suppose the realtiy is…I’m dating networking groups, looking for one I can give a commitment to.  

The list will grow, but here are a few I have come across so far.  Wish me luck!

Austin Women Entrepreneurs
Networking on Fire
Young Women’s Alliance

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