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Social Media + Coworking Spaces
09 19 08, 2:07 pm
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As part of my overall networking efforts, I attended a Social Media meeting last night.  Once I embraced that this was going to be a learning experience, the shared 20 +different social media applications became an assignment for me versus a barrage of strange words that sounded like Klingon.  I know Social Media can work for community and for my business in a new way.  The question to dive into is  – How? 

The dialogue I witnessed and participated in was exciting, collaborative, active, and quick.  I walked away with new companies and entrepreneurs to explore here in Austin, and a new group to continue to participate in.  

John Metcalf, a 24 year old graduate of UT Austin, was the highlighted guest.  He is a co-founder of several companies, but his most recent incarnation is Conjunctured .  Conjunctured provides an unique environment of shared working spaces.  Collaboration, community, passion, and sustainability are just some of the elements of their innovative space.

It’s located on the East side of Austin, which is a diverse eclectic neighborhood filled with working families and is home to most of the cities’ artists of all kinds. Entrepreneurs, typically techie-friendly and passionate, are their clients and office mates.   

According to an article  in the Austin Statesman – there are several dozen of these shared working spaces popping up all over the globe.  Aside from domestically, countries in Latin America and Europe are also using this model.  To learn more click here.  

One of the goals of this Conjunctured group is to create a start-up district in Austin.  Cities often court large corporations by giving big tax breaks.  One of the approaches is this:  What if the city fostered the start-up environment in a way that financially encouraged entrepreneurs to come to Austin?  Those successful entrepreneurs and their companies could help grow the local economy through a ground-up approach.  Not only does this bring additional Creative Class agents into the city, but it also encourages existing entrepreneurs from leaving.  

Austin is one of the top five Creative Class cities in the country.  The start-up district is just one way to advance the creative talent and expertise this city has to offer. 

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