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Why Sleep Fosters Creativity
10 27 08, 4:09 pm
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See article here…

We’ll Fill This Space, But First a Nap – New York Times

What’s Always Been There
10 21 08, 4:39 pm
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I grew up in Texas and left when I was 18.  I have lived in many places in my life since – Massachussetts, New Mexico, New Zealand, DC, and California – prior to returning home to Texas.  I never thought I would end up here again, but Austin called, and it suits our life so well.  

My husband and I drove out to West Texas for a get-away.  We stayed in Marfa, TX.  Everyone talks about how wonderful this town in the middle of nowhere is – this interesting chemistry of contemporary art and rural living.  For those who love art, Marfa is an oasis and a must see.   

But what amazed me was the pride I experienced for Texas as we drove down to and through Big Bend National Park.  I would say that New Zealand is the most beautiful place I have ever been, and there were landscapes in Big Bend that equally compared to the splendor of the terrain of the Kiwis.  

It’s funny how those hidden treasures in our own backyard often bring us the most pleasure.  All I can say is go and experience West Texas at least once in your life.  It’s breathtaking. 


Big Bend National Park

Chinati Foundation

Judd Foundation

Marfa Lights

Pizza Foundation

Thunderbird Hotel

Hotel Paisano

Maiya’s Restaurant

What do you value more: Ideas or those that create them?
10 01 08, 9:07 pm
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A thought-provoking article about creative collaboration in the ad world. Click below to read.

Do You Value Ideas More Than the People Who Create Them?

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