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“Generation Watch Out” by Deborah Morrison
11 30 08, 7:33 pm
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Gen Y’s contribution to the advertising world … 

Op-Ed from Mitch Albom
11 30 08, 6:26 pm
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Mitch Albom’s comments to Congress about the auto industry’s $25 billion loan.

Just around the corner…
11 21 08, 11:58 pm
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As we hear doom and gloom all over the news about the economy, it’s hard  to avoid words like “blood bath” (thanks, Anderson Cooper).  The question is:  What do you want to focus on?   

I know several people who have experienced growth during this time period, including myself.  And, even though I have been known to have a meltdown or two about being an entrepreneur, fearing the reality of times ahead, yada yada yada…I try to listen to those around me who I trust in their sage advice, who hear and calm my fears, and who remind me of the person I am. I have much gratitude for their continued confidence in me.  It’s this confidence that helps me get through those tough times.

Who are the people who champion you?  Who are your cheerleaders?  In my experience with my clients and in my own life, I’m often surprised at how close they are.  You just have to listen…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Eight Soups
11 06 08, 7:33 pm
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This past weekend I felt like a bear about to go into hibernation.  With the help of my husband and some sous chefs, I made eight soups.  That’s right eight.  

Many might ask, “Why not make one in a really big batch?”  

Well, I love to have new recipes under my belt.  Cooking is one of my forms of creativity, and I loved filling up our freezer and fridge with the good eats.  My fave?  Parmesan Green Bean Soup.  An unexpected yummy surprise.  

Parmesan Green Bean Recipe

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