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Entrepreneurs teaching Entrepreneurs – RISE Austin
03 14 09, 12:33 am
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Last week was the RISE Series here in Austin.  Every city should have a RISE Series.  Hundreds of entrepreneurs from all over the city attended free sessions provided by the community, ranging from how to borrow money to how to live a more meaningful life.  In essence, the community gave back.  Powerful, successful people in the entrepreneurial community gave back.

It was a provocative event full of creativity from varied disciplines, educational formats and personalities. Here are the unifying messages and collective wisdom I walked away with:

  1. Have purpose in what you do.
  2. Be passionate.  It’s essential to carry you through…
  3. Clarity.  Why?  So you a) know what your offering is and b) Know what you need to ask for.
  4. Use your resources.  Entrepreneurs don’t do it alone.  
  5. And, all of these things provide a strong core, so when you are on the boat with a full glass of water, you can maneuver the waves as much as possible…And, even when you are really balanced, you might spill water.  How you clean it up and take the learning from the last spill to carry you through the next one is the key. (Thanks, Tommy Darwin!)

Oh, and the fact that it was free – huge bonus.  
I can’t wait to do it all over again next year. 

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