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Innovation as a Muscle

In my opinion from the work I do and the trends I see through the actions of others, we are all having to be more innovative and creative in how we approach our work and lives.  Whether an entrepreneur or entrepreneurial in spirit, self-employed or working for others, we are having to work smarter.    

I have spent the last 6 months immersed in varied forms of innovation and creativity.  It’s run the gamit ranging from professional to woo-woo in the form of content design and creation, ideation, brainstorming, mind mapping, writing, yoga, energy work, or process painting.  The list could go on… 

I dreamt innovation last night. And, what I heard this morning when I woke up was louder than it had ever been before.  The neural pathway around innovation and creativity is getting stronger for me.  No longer carrying light weights, that muscle is able to hold twice as much as it could before.  It’s in my subconscious!

And, through that experience and excitement, I am able to articulate with confidence and more “knowing” and first-hand experience the distinctions of what I do for a living:   I help people think better, smarter, and faster.  The topic is irrelevant, the process is the same.   To create new wiring or habits or insights, we have to spend attention and time and repetition on that thinking.  Positive reinforcement is like steroids to those new neural pathways.  Acknowledgement helps build those muscles.  Without it, muscles can grow, but with positive reinforcement they flourish.  All those ingredients allow for developing neural pathways and connections in our brain to gain bigger market share. 

I highly recommend The Myths of Innovation for more meat to chew… 

Any other resources you want to share?

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Brilliant. I absolutely agree (and coincidentally just wrote about this today in my email newsletter). Many new, great ideas coming out of this economy. Necessity is the mother of invention. Keep growing those muscles.

Comment by pcmaonline

Thanks for this entry. I mind map every single project and every large decision presented to me.

Comment by kelley burrus

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