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Sustainable Games

We have two choices in work and life:   

Game 1)  We can live in a world where our actions and processes are a direct response to external factors and circumstances. 
Adjectives:  Reactive, Instant, Short term, Following

 -OR –

Game 2) We can create the game we want to win.
Adjectives:  Creative, Long term, Sustainable, Leading

Whether you choose Game 1 or 2, you are always winning the game you are playing.  Look around you. Who are the main people and themes in your life? What direction are you headed?  That’s the game you are playing.

I’ll always root for Game 2.  Why?  It’s what works.  I have witnessed this in my clients’ work, my own work, and literature on leadership, success and happiness.
Roadblocks will always rear their head.  That’s life.  The difference with Game 2 is through clarity in what we want, crisis can become opportunity and that bump in the road can be driven over or steered clear around.

Game 2 gives you solutions.  It gives you focus.  It allows for you to fully see possibility and to make choices that are in alignment with your wants, actions, and results.  

Game 2 Challenge

  1. Define what you want.  I mean really think about it and define it.  Not just what you think you can have.   Dare to dream big.  Give yourself some time to marinate on this “want.”  What does it look like when you have reached it?  Does the success change how you feel?  How does this impact other parts of your work, your relationships, your life…
  2. Step out of your own way. The people who reach the highest levels of success hear their fear and insecurities and choose action anyway.  This action allows for progress towards the big ‘want.’
  3. Be bold.   Take risks.  The word “failure” is a word that exists for those who don’t learn from their forward-moving steps.  Insights and mistakes help clarify next steps to get us closer to what we want.
  4. Be present.  I don’t mean that in some nebulous way.  Be present and conscious to the choices you are making.  Not choosing is in itself a choice.
  5. Check in.  The world doesn’t exist in some stagnant state.  It’s constantly evolving, which is why it’s essential for us to continually check in with our mission, our values and our creation.  It’s essential to our ability to have sustainable growth.

So this comes back to YOU. 

You have an immense amount of power.

I want you to win the game you choose to play. 

If you want some clarity, I’m always here to help.  

Your Wing Woman,

Additional Recommended Reading:
– The Path of Least Resistance by Robert Fritz
– Mindfulness by Ellen Langer

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