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Your Bridge to Access

This Austin City Limits Festival graced us with the presence of a close friend in the music business. Despite the fact that she travels with an expense account, we invited her to stay with us, and she took us up on the offer. 

She returned the favor in the form of a couple of Artist passes, and my music festival experience was forever transformed. We had chairs to sit on, free drinks and snacks to indulge in, and celebrities to admire. And let’s not forget the up-close performances.

We had arrived. We had access in the highest form.

It came unexpectedly: a simple invitation led to a stellar experience. It got me thinking about access, and what it grants us.

And, how often are we given ‘permission’ to enter, and we miss the opportunity?

Defined literally, access is the “right to enter.” And it’s more than just that,  access is power. Where and what you want to enter may look different, but just like success, access is something we all want and aspire to.

Access gets you conversations, meetings, relationships and experiences that would not have been possible without being invited or given the right to enter. And, the invitation to “enter” can come in many forms…

– a meeting request with a new group of people in your department leads to a new business idea

– a look from a stranger encouraging you to strike up a conversation leads to a new client or friend

– bad press about your business leads you to an opportunity to make a more accurate name for yourself

Once you learn how to look for it, access is everywhere.  In the coming weeks, I want to challenge you to:

  1. Notice the opportunities and invitations that you choose and those that you pass up over the next week.
  2. Be clear about where you need or want more access.
  3. Let the clarity behind answer #2 guide your decisions, participation and engagement.  

Who knows? You may determine that a project you previously deemed a ‘pain in the ass’ has the potential to create access for you to leadership on the team.  Dealing with an unresolved conflict might be the exact access to attaining a better working relationship and developing a part of your leadership.

As Deepak Chopra says, “You and I are essentially infinite choice-makers. In every moment of our existence, we are in that field of all possibilities where we have access to an infinity of choices.”

I believe in you.

Your Wing Woman,


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Spring cleaning this Fall
10 06 09, 2:29 am
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Last weekend, I went on a tear cleaning up my home office, computer and closets. Even though I’m a fairly neat and organized person, I was floored by the stuff I discovered.

I’ll air out a dirty drawer of specifics:

· Hundreds of already entered old business cards from past meetings

· A box of old JSC branding collateral from two evolutions ago

· White jeans from 1999 that I swore were going to look good on me one day

· A decade-old portable CD player.

· Old printer cords and boxes that once held electronics

· A stack of 8×10 pics, showcasing that horrendously awkward stage around 3rd grade. I’m not above vanity, yet a wallet size would have been enough.

Several Wilco albums later, the piles were finally complete. In one corner, trash. In the other, giveaway bags. Four hours spent getting complete on older versions of myself; purging, organizing, choosing and I finally realized what I had created: Much needed space.

My cleaning had gone beyond making new-found freedom in the junk drawer, it also cleared space for that which I wanted to manifest. Seasonally speaking, Autumn is a natural time for change. Harvest Moons give us brighter nights to finish gathering those much-needed crops.

So now I ask you, what space can you create in your life? What can you purge? What can you harvest?

First, define your crop. Where did you put most of your energy and labor this Spring and Summer? Whether you have been re-organizing your company, looking for a job, enjoying some down time, creating a website or making a baby, you’ve been planting lots of seeds, even if you didn’t know which vegetable you were planting.

Be clear about what crop you want to reap – more space, better results, focused creativity.

Secondly, take inventory. It’s essential to growth to reflect on where you’ve been and see reality. Do you have a crop that needs to be moved because it’s taking up the resources of more powerful bearing fruits? Did you plant a crop that no longer tastes good to you?

Taking inventory allows for you to unearth a forgotten skill, to discover an item you can use or to recognize a behavior you have that is (or isn’t) working for you. Through this process, we create space for new possibilities to appear.

Where would your ‘spring’ cleaning best serve you?

In strategy? In action? In relationships? In completion?

Consciously defining and creating your space gives your dreams and goals a place to live. Enjoy the harvest!

Your Wing Woman,



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