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Have you laughed enough today?

No living creature can laugh, except man. 
-Og Mandino, The Greatest Salesman in the World

Thats some pretty amazing power, isn’t it? When was the last time you had a great laugh? I mean the kind where you were crying, barely breathing and holding your stomach because you were frozen in hilarity?
I have a rule in working with clients. We must have laughter. Even in the face of great change, the result of laughter’s presence can greatly improve one’s experience of transition and growth.

In Footloose, even the great Kevin Bacon plugged laughter when he paraphrased Ecclesiastes in a town hall meeting:
“Ecclesiastes assures us…
that that there is a time for every purpose under heaven. 
A time to laugh…
and a time to weep. 
A time to mourn…
and there is a time to dance…” 


Physical Health Benefits

There are numerous health benefits to laughing that have been noted by scientists, therapists, and health professionals. Laughter can:

* Relax your body up to 45 minutes afterward
* Boost your immunity
* Improves blood flow which can prevent heart related illnesses
* Triggers good feeling chemicals in your brain – endorphins
* Relieve pain temporarily
* Lowers stress

Work Benefits

* Increase your job satisfaction
* Help lighten and/or ease a tense situation with a client, boss or supervisor.
* Creating camaraderie with your team. (who doesn’t love to share Funny or Die shorts?)
* Inspire businesses to be created! ( has a business model made on it)

Laughter is intoxicating. As the holidays are a typical time for stress, chaos, high emotional energy, rushing and drama, I encourage you to embrace your laughter this holiday season.

A few things to ponder AND act on:
What makes you laugh?
Do you have enough laughter in your life?
Do you actively laugh at work?
How can you infuse more laughter into your life TODAY?

May you be drunk with laughter this holiday season!

Your Wing Woman,

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