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5 things to learn from Dr. King
01 29 10, 4:16 am
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A late honor to Martin Luther King, Jr. – the man that helped change the face of our country and lives.

While there is a cornucopia of leadership and strength to absorb from Martin Luther King Jr.’s, here are 5 simple things to learn from his work…


What are you good at?

We all know what last year was.  A come-to-Jesus (insert Moses, Allah, or other spiritual/religious choice) of epic proportions.  The simple fact that you survived, possibly even thrived, is a huge success in itself. Consider this my official congratulations, and the following my pep talk for 2010.

If you are like most of the planet, you survived the “re-entry” into work life.  Definition?  Saying goodbye to that two-week vacation, you know, the one that includes lots of family, chaos, bad habits and little free time, and saying hello to work.  Oh, and guess what?  It’s the beginning of a new decade. No pressure.

It’s with the drama of last year, and the dawn of a new decade I encourage looking ahead, relishing your flavor, and leveraging your years of experience to create an ease-filled intentional 2010.


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