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What are you good at?

We all know what last year was.  A come-to-Jesus (insert Moses, Allah, or other spiritual/religious choice) of epic proportions.  The simple fact that you survived, possibly even thrived, is a huge success in itself. Consider this my official congratulations, and the following my pep talk for 2010.

If you are like most of the planet, you survived the “re-entry” into work life.  Definition?  Saying goodbye to that two-week vacation, you know, the one that includes lots of family, chaos, bad habits and little free time, and saying hello to work.  Oh, and guess what?  It’s the beginning of a new decade. No pressure.

It’s with the drama of last year, and the dawn of a new decade I encourage looking ahead, relishing your flavor, and leveraging your years of experience to create an ease-filled intentional 2010.

In the sage words of Steve Jobs: Looking forward, focus on what you love and what you are good at.  And, if those aren’t syncromonious, learn to share the space.

There is nothing like coming back after time away with some perspective. As you re-enter ask yourself, what do I love? What makes me smile?  What interests me?

And the great thing? While everyone else is busy trying to stick to their resolutions for what they’d like to change, you’ll be focusing on what you love and what drives you forward.

You might say, “I don’t know what I love.”  So put on your cap and make this year one of investigation. Pay attention to what makes you curious and what makes you yawn. Mindfully take in everything and reflect on it. Did something stick with you the next day? Did you share something with a friend? Those are the little clues that bring us closer to what makes us tick, toward the realization of our passions.

Now for strengths.  Clarity around your strengths is one of the best assets you will ever have. It’s your podium. It’s your blanket.  It’s your foundation and backbone.

Here are some simple ways to identify and remember all the things that make you the unique human that you are…

  • Write down 20 things that make you “you”, and pick your top 5 strengths.
  • Ask others that love (and will be honest with) you.
  • Take an assessment:  VIA Signature Strengths tests.

Know that even when your loves and your strengths aren’t mutually exclusive, knowledge of each will help you make better choices, help you decide which direction to go, and help you recognize your value. That, my friends, is “syncromoniusliving.

I close in the words of Joseph Campbell: The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.

Happy New Year + Godspeed!
Your Wing Woman,

Additional Resources:
Marcus Buckingham + Strengths Finder

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