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5 things to learn from Dr. King
01 29 10, 4:16 am
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A late honor to Martin Luther King, Jr. – the man that helped change the face of our country and lives.

While there is a cornucopia of leadership and strength to absorb from Martin Luther King Jr.’s, here are 5 simple things to learn from his work…

1.  TEAM

No one does it alone.  Without his team, the change Martin Luther King Jr. fought so hard for would have been isolated, short-lived.  A one-man show doesn’t make a movement.


The “I Have a Dream” speech (among others) shared his vision with others.  It gave people something to tangible to visualize, understand, and actualize.


King’s credo of non-violence, even amidst the experience of physical, emotional, and mental pain, was extraordinary.  He was steadfast, and the consistency of his message mixed with action furthered equality and the quality of our humanity.


A movement gains momentum  and develops with massive creative organization and utilization of time, energy, and passion.   “We must use time creatively.” -MLK Jr.


Martin Luther King, Jr. believed change was imminent.  There was no proof of the future success of his efforts, but he believed in what was possible.  Dr. King had faith.


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