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Play Big
02 19 10, 9:23 pm
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I’ve had the privilege and honor of being one of eight producers of the first TEDx Austin.  It will premiere at Austin City Limits Studios on Saturday, February 20th.

I encourage you to watch and play big yourself.  There will be a live stream of the event a from 10am-6pm CST. Invite friends over, maybe throw some BBQ and beers into the mix. Make it a night of  entertainment, engage in dialogue, expand your mind, and for those in Austin, tap in to your community.


The experience of organizing the event has taught me immense lessons in teamwork and human nature. It has challenged me, championed me to expand my own notion of what’s possible, and left me in absolute awe at what eight people with a whole lot of passion and commitment can accomplish in six months. For me, it has been an effort in playing big, and that’s the beauty of TED.

So with Ted as inspiration, your call to action this month is Play Big!  And I mean bigger than you’ve ever played before. Take one thing, just one, and magnify it to make things better for yourself and those around you.  If you feel inclined, confidentially send me a note about your experience. Seeing my friends, colleagues, and clients grow and be inspired is one of the many perks and joys of being a Wing Woman.

Stay tuned next month for new changes in Jen Spencer Coaches and updates from SXSWi.

Your Wing Woman,

Jen Spencer

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