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Why amex is brilliant
04 16 10, 8:10 pm
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Two Words: Open Forum

I feel like my adult years have been formulated by advertising.  My bullshit meter is pretty good.

False promises, inauthentic branding, and fluff are pretty easy to see through.

Why is Open Forum so great?

Open Forum expands American Express’ reach.

Their content is open, available, and free.

Open Forum appeals to small business owners – not just small business owners with American Express cards.

It’s useful.

They answer questions small business owners have.  They fill a need with honest dialogue.

Transparency + Authenticity

They ask honest questions.  Questions that small business owners need answers to.  How do I start a business with little capital?  How do I handle manufacturing?

They own it.  This content is an asset that can be repurposed for a variety of marketing, pr, and advertising initiatives.

They make it bite size + easy to organize.

Search for Diane von Fosterberg and they have many bite size segments speaking to different topics.

Whether you want 3 minutes or a :50 second piece on innovation, sales, design, etc., you can find it.


Everything boils down to relationship and communication in business.  They have made Open Forum a community social site.  Small business owners can connect with each other through the messaging system OR the Connectodex is a rolodex that you can filter to find any resources you need with existing American Express “members”.

Seth Godin is one of their interviewers.

Aside from the fact that Seth is an INCREDIBLE marketer (blogging, writing books, interviewing celebs, conferences, investor, etc.), he’s very visible, and his visibility can only help American Express reach more small business owners.

The lessons:  share, be honest, be resourceful, make it simple, facilitate connections, and leverage your purpose!

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