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There are a few fundamental experiences I see in my work:

1) The need for reinvention.
2) The necessity for pairing down and clearing space to create something new.
3) The importance of sharing and celebrating your work.

Whether you are a company or an individual, change and evolution are inevitable. The basics stay the same: what you believe in, your values, and your purpose. However, the look and feel may evolve. You may expand what you do it. You may change some of the gears that make the company or you move forward.

And as a coach, it is my job to facilitate and help you drive change. Yet, I can’t do it alone – you have to do it for yourself, too. And once you’ve reinvented and created that space, you’ve got to be your own biggest champion. Tell your story, and share your work with others.

I’ve just been through this evolution as a business owner – that moment where you realize you have to push yourself forward in all aspects of your business, even when “the way things were” aren’t wrong, but when they just seem stagnant.

For me, that was my website. I recognized that I was evolving, and the website wasn’t reflecting the direction I have been heading for the last few years. So, after 6 months in the making, Jen Spencer Coaches 2.0 is now up at

With that reinvention and clearing the way for a new space, I find myself sharing the news and talking about this reinvention with you. Consider it practicing what I preach.

I’ve had extremely positive feedback from these newsletters. In an effort to continue to improve my offerings as a coach, you’ll see more from me by the way of challenging, sharing and inspiring more frequently. Whether it’s an interview, article, poem, or official newsletter, they end result is the same: getting you to think about your work and life in ways that move you forward, closer to what you want.

If you are interested in receiving these additional entries, you can friend us on Facebook or sign up for the Blog Roll @

And if there are particular topics you’d like to hear more about, issues that are very prevalent for you in work and life, just send a little note. I love the inspiration.

So, my question for you is:

What do you want to reinvent this summer? And, what do you need to clean up and/or discard in order to access that palette? And who are you going to share the great news with?

Wishing you an incredible start of summer!

Your Wing Woman,

Spring Cleaning in the Fall

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