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Perspective of the Week: Getting Unstuck

Being stuck usually doesn’t feel very good.  In fact, it can feel pretty crappy and debilitating.  For me, stuck = messy, unfamiliar, out of control, stagnant, confused, and aimless.

So, how do we turn the dissonance of stuck into the fluidity and energy of insight and resolution?

Here are some tips for getting ‘unstuck’ —

>  Use Frustration As a Tool

Being stuck allows for your tolerance to be agitated.  Being stuck creates a state that forces you to give attention to what’s not working.  You can use the momentum of this discomfort to move you forward, get you closer to the solution and what you really want.

>  Ask Questions

Being stuck can actually create the space for us to get clear with ourselves about our motives and end goals and objectives.

1)  What do I really want (results and/or feelings)?
2)  What do I need?
3)  What excites me?
4)  What scares me?

>  Use Your Team

I talk about Team A LOT.  Why?  Because we all need Team.  Humans don’t live on islands by themselves, and there is a very good reason for this.  We need people.  Who is integral to your success?  Have you used their human capital to help solve this one?  And, whether you are speaking with someone who has direct experience or someone who just knows you well, fresh points of view can help us get closer to the answer.

>  Let It Go

Give your brain a rest for a bit. The dominating emotion in a room wins, and if your emotion is not a positive, forward moving emotion, take a break.  Watch a movie.  Read a book.  Go for a walk.  Then come back when you have good brain chemistry to feed your mind

>  Use Your Whole Self

Being stuck is almost always a function of our brain and what ‘it’ thinks or feels is possible.  How can you engage both sides of your brain (left + right, analytical + creative) AND body to tackle this one?  A yoga class, writing in a journal, drawing, taking photos, singing?

Remember, you have all the answers inside of you.

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