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Supergenius Highlights

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the Word of Mouth Marketing Supergenius conference in NYC put on by Andy Sernovitz and his great team at gaspedal.

It was a great day-long immersion into the “how to’s” and “case studies” of  how we can  share and leverage the specialness and love our brands create and foster for our consumers, clients, and customers.

Below is a resource share and some nuggets of wisdom from the conference:

  1. Research is not a solution.  It’s a great way to understand your client if you don’t know them.  It’s a tool, not THE plan.   Research allows for you to see patterns.  It allows you to narrow down your focus.
  2. Helpful Blogging Tips around guidelines, framework, and ethics from Dana VanDen Huevel of Marketing Savant here:
  3. WindsorONE Case Studies
    WindsorONE is a lumber manufacturer, and through the housing marketing and the Chile earthquake, they were able to maintain their client base through creative Word of Mouth Marketing techniques.  See their story at:
  4. We have to be able to connect Online Engagement with ROI.  Money matters. While it can be challenging to measure what “Word of Mouth” does for your bottom line, Olivier Blanchard of  BrandBuilder showed a variety of ways to calculate the imperative Return on Investment.  Measuring transactions, store traffic, types of transactions, community involvement, etc, are just a few ways to gather ‘engagement’ numbers.  Splicing that information taken over a period of time allows for companies to see overall effect that connects with bottom line dollars.
  5. I’m passionate about Experiences.
    Helpful prep reminders (an email the day before with directions + agenda link),  GORGEOUS locale @ Chelsea Pier 60 (views of the water in every single room), live music playing during breaks, short sessions with Q&A, good good, and gelevant material  won big points for me.

Again, simplicity mixed with preparation wins!

Apparently their Word of Mouth Marketing Supergenius conference worked.  I’m writing about it, aren’t I?  🙂

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