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The Break

Sorry to break this to you, but I am confident in forecasting that at some point, whether you are 25 or 60, you will have a break in your career.

Some lulls are a conscious choice, and others are unexpected surprises, but when we prepare for them, we can better manage the transition and development the break will bring.

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Vendor Love
09 23 10, 5:39 pm
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In response to my recent blog post, Relationship vs. Transactions

Lionel Felix of Enfatico has inspired the concept of: Vendor Love! See a bit of his insightful comments below regarding the advantages of giving and receiving Vendor Love.

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Relationships vs Transactions

Relationships matter. They are the single most important tool for making life happen on all levels – personally, professionally, organizationally, civically, and globally.

Relationships cause countries to make alliances, enterprise to be maximized, money to be exchanged, and personal fulfillment to happen.

In business, relationships can be easily confused with transactions.  What can someone do for me?  How can I get something out of this exchange?

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