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Relationships vs Transactions

Relationships matter. They are the single most important tool for making life happen on all levels – personally, professionally, organizationally, civically, and globally.

Relationships cause countries to make alliances, enterprise to be maximized, money to be exchanged, and personal fulfillment to happen.

In business, relationships can be easily confused with transactions.  What can someone do for me?  How can I get something out of this exchange?

When you prioritize the transactions over relationships you short-side potential and growth.

Just as you can’t build a house that will withstand hurricanes, storms, and natural wear and tear if you don’t have a good foundation, you can’t get lasting results without solid relationships.

Think about vendor relationships.  I was sitting with Clint Greenleaf yesterday.  Clint created and runs one of the largest independent publishing companies in the country, which has been nationally recognized on the Inc. 500 and Inc. 5000 lists..  Despite the fact that Clint is funny and awesome, successful and fair, he understands the value of relationships in business and how pivotal they are to help further the company’s development.

In fact, he’s so inspired by how relationships set the tone for all good business practices that he’s writing a new book, coming out in 2011 called Vendors:  They Aren’t Just for Screwing Anymore.

When Clint begins working with a vendor, he sets the tone.  He treats them to a meal, works to understand their business, and offers resources.  Clint wants to know how his company can help them maximize their ease and overall productivity.  Basically, he sets the tone for a working relationship.

Clint treats his vendors like a partner and friend.  And, through this genuine interest, he develops relationships that reciprocate that connection.  He learns information about the market and his competitors.  If there is a snafu, his vendors have his back.  And, he has theirs.

Sustainable relationships are created through mutual exchanges of interest, participation, and trust whether you are IBM, a local plumber, or lovers. When you focus on the relationship, transactions are a natural progression. When you focus on the relationships that you enjoy, purposeful and satisfying transactions happen.

Let your relationships be the guides for your experiences and progression. They create lasting substance.  They help you get where you want to go.

Take Inventory.
Prune and Refine.
And, the beauty is, you get to choose.

Your Wing Woman,

For a laugh, I’ve included a few videos to entertain you below about vendor relationships.

Vendor Relationships in Real Life
Truth in Advertising*
* language warning – this one is R rated on language

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