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Vendor Love
09 23 10, 5:39 pm
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In response to my recent blog post, Relationship vs. Transactions

Lionel Felix of Enfatico has inspired the concept of: Vendor Love! See a bit of his insightful comments below regarding the advantages of giving and receiving Vendor Love.

… There are vendors that I have worked with for 10+ years and the reason we’ve worked together for so long is mutual respect, understanding, integrity, and genuine interest in BOTH of us being happy with a deal. I don’t look to take on new vendors because they’re the cheapest, I look for someone who is going to be interested in my business, be proactive, look out for me, and not sell me something just to pad their numbers.

I believe very strongly that if you select and keep vendors where you feel safe in their hands you’ll get more than incremental savings would buy you. You get a partner, and in business, transactional relationships are cheap and dangerous because they have no interest in what is best for you. We all need people looking out for us, and when we have each other’s back, we all win.

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