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Reverse the Fallout

I was spending time with an old friend last week who is experiencing a separation from his wife.
“That’s going around.” I said. “You know it’s been a really tough few years for people.”

Kind of an obvious statement. But then this man, who is intimately tapped into his community in many ways, said, “Until recently, I thought it was just me. Once you start sharing and opening up with people, the floodgates open.”

The truth is, everyone is experiencing the Fallout of the last few years in different ways. And it’s happening everywhere.

Fallout is defined as “radioactive particles that settle to the ground after a nuclear explosion.” Our fallout is creating massive money issues, impacting businesses big and small. When business and money are tight, we not only experience it in our pocketbooks, but in the instability of our emotions and self-esteem. As a result, relationships suffer.

I hear stories from individuals at all different levels, from financial services to the creative industry. As organizations and as individuals, we are all reeling over the changes themselves and the speed at which the marketplace is continuing to evolve.

Despite all of the confusion, I wanted to share some positive results of this Fallout and what we’re doing to fight it and reverse it.

Crawling our way back up the rabbit hole.

For those of us who don’t turn to booze and Farmville during these dark times, it’s common to look within and to do some heavy soul searching.

In my own work, I see more and more people searching for what lights them up. I see a greater sense of personal responsibility – taking bigger risks to be a part of something bigger, people seeking out ways in which they can make an impact.

And we are all, slowly but surely, learning to re-calibrate. We are learning to be more agile in how we deal with change. We are re-defining what’s actually important to us.

> The growth of the coaching industry
* 1 in 5 Fortune 500 companies report providing coaches for sr. managers and executives
* Estimated to be $100B industry worldwide

> People are spending money more wisely
* Learning to live on less
* Shedding (Happily, I might add.)
* Investing better ( +

> Towns are learning how to engage their citizens in new ways.
Manor Case Study

> Political groups are re-org’ing.
Regardless of your political beliefs, the Tea Party is an incredible example of people finding a way to make an impact. Look at the way they’ve influenced the elections and our political institutions in a short amount of time.

> Brands want to help generate the conversation.
They are starting to appreciate that they can have a more positive impact on people’s lives.
Pepsi Refresh
Conscious Capitalism

As we make these course corrections, we get to celebrate the fruits of our labor: The new clarity and vision gets us organizing, creating opportunity, generating commerce and starting a new day.

The holidays are almost upon us. With them come the sugar highs, the stresses and exhaustion, chaos, and the parties, travel, family and kids.

One act of kindness has been scientifically shown to improve our happy juice (serotonin) and immune system in both the giver and receiver of kindness. In fact, as an outsider witnessing an act of kindness, the effect can have similarly beneficial results!

And as we work our way towards 2011, I encourage us all to remember to be nice. To ourselves and to each other. We are all experiencing and managing colossal change. Let’s cut us all a little slack.

Everyone – and I mean everyone – needs it.

Happy Holidays!

Your Wing Woman,

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