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Proposing a New Kind of New Year’s…

Welcoming in a new year brings with it the cultural motivation to make some changes in our lives. More than simply peer pressure, it’s a great time for reflection because you are a different person today than you were last January 1st. Your path for 2011 will become more clear by asking yourself these questions.

> What has changed for you in the last year?

> What do you want to acknowledge about your year?

> What were your wins and losses?

> When you dig deep down, what is something you’ve always wanted to do/feel/be that you haven’t yet imagined for yourself?

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Your Year-End Review

As we approached 2009, people loved this Year
End Review article, so let’s not reinvent the wheel. Wishing you your best year yet!


As the end of 2010 approaches and 2011 peeks around the corner, I’d like to share an exercise and resource to help bring growth and focus to the transition of the upcoming year – Your Year-End Review.
This exercise can be done alone or in groups,
dealing with business or personal aspects of you. 

You need 1-2 hours of time, a comfy spot, a cup of tea or glass of wine, and pen and paper. Most of us are at computers or on PDA’s much of our day, and when you take it back to basics, you use different parts of your brain. You can make different connections.

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What does FREE mean to you?

I was looking for something on Wikipedia last week, and after reading the Please Read: A Personal Appeal from Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales banner for the 4th time, I finally clicked on it. Here is a snippet of the request:

It is the 5th most popular website in the world – but Wikipedia isn’t anything like a commercial website. It is a community creation, written by volunteers making one entry at a time. You are part of our community. And I’m writing today to ask you to protect and sustain Wikipedia.

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