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Integration is the key to evolution

What does integration mean to you?

To me, personal integration means that my life is working well.   The parts that make up Jen Spencer are firing on all cylinders. They are connected and operate in a system. And the fruits of this integration yield efficiencies and possibilities for alignment that hadn’t existed before.  The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

And what I have noticed is that when something is off in my work and life or I feel overextended, fragmented or disconnected, integration is usually the only way to realign and get me back on track moving towards my overall goal(s).

It’s been really interesting noticing the same patterns in business lately. In the past 3 months, I’ve been steeped in conferences, surrounded by experts in social business, brands + innovation and interactivity.  What’s excited me is that these innovators in enterprise and social profit businesses are clear that – similar to working human beings – they have to integrate to achieve the next level of success.  Integration is key to evolution.

Here are just some of the key take-aways from leaders and brands that are bringing more clarity and process to this rapidly changing landscape.

>Focus on the end goal – The Ecosystem.
We are no longer in a machine era of factory-line mentalities.  We exist in communities.   Does your business support connected communication and collaboration externally AND internally?

>Create an environment of action.
In this space, the role of management is to mentor versus dictate employees and processes.  This switches the dynamic from restricted access to Open Leadership and thus empowering employees.

>Processes are being integrated with real-time needs.
Pepsi has created a real-time studio as a hub for delivering content quickly, so sharing on social sites can happen without going through a 5-10 layer approval process.

>All hands on deck! Enroll the whole system.  Sharing the company story is no longer just the marketing department’s domain. FedEx recently launched FedEx employees share their stories of who they are, their role with FedEx and why they work there.  These films are then shared organically with friends and co-workers.  It’s an opt-in experience for employees.  And there’s no connection to external national marketing efforts.

>Expect mess. “Knowledge work is lumpy” – It’s messy to integrate.  There is a lot of future-proofing that happens through trial and error. It’s like marriage, if one goes into it thinking it will be perfect, they’re usually disappointed and miss the good stuff along the way!

>Divide leadership on passion versus some process that was invented years ago to serve a different need. Change is hard.  It’s complicated, and it needs champions.  Big, loud advocates that care.  In the face of challenge, we all need wing wo(men)!

We are all experiencing this big shift together.  The companies and individuals that are jumping in, getting their hands dirty, and are open to the possibilities this round of disruption will bring will create their relevance in this new market and world of interconnectivity.

The great thing is, you have all you need in front of you. You just have to get out there and integrate it!

Go play with others, get connected, leverage your knowledge and innovation banks, and remember the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Your Wing Woman,

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