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On a recent flight from L.A. to Oakland, I ran into an old advertising friend from Zoic Studios, a visual effects company.  He introduced me to his colleague – a man named Les Ekker.

I had the chance to ask Les about his career and how he ended up at Zoic as we carpooled into San Francisco together.

Les had been working at Digital Domain for nearly 14 years and was a renowned VFX Supervisor. However, he wanted to use other talents and skills that were more expansive than his job title and role could provide. So, he parted ways with Digital Domain — without anything concrete in the wings, and as the sole breadwinner of his household — to fulfill his passion.

When he left, he wrote down a list of seven things he wanted to do in his job.  We’ll call these the Les 7.

A few months into the break, he was introduced to Zoic.  He had a meeting with them and there was an instant connection. He was asked what position he would hold if they were to hire him, and he said he was done doing just one thing. Likening himself to a Swiss Army Knife, he said “I would like the job to include these [Les] 7 things, and more…”  With that, they said their goodbyes.

That evening he received a call from Zoic. They wanted to hire him and had created a position specifically for him. “Great,” he said.  “What are my job duties?” And, they proceeded to read him back his Les 7 list.

Confession time: This kind of story is an absolute wet dream for an executive coach.  There, I said it.

But my favorite part of this story is not the inspiration of Les finding his dream job, it was his explanation of how he got there.  Les went on to tell me he’s a believer in manifesting and attracting the kind of work and life you want… AND he got there with 29 years of preparation.

The power of preparation, my friends, is the theme of today’s newsletter. It’s been a recurring theme recently with many clients, friends, and aspects of my own life.

It’s often not obvious – but we are always ‘preparing’ for something.

Preparation is “any proceeding, experience, or the like, considered as a mode of preparing for the future.”

It’s easy to look back on life and see how the choices you made prepared you for where you are today.

But it takes a unique person to be able to look at where they want to go and make the active preparations to get there. If you are naturally a ‘yes’ person, it requires saying ‘no’ to what doesn’t align with your goals. If you are a ‘no’ person, it requires deciding what you should say ‘yes’ to and putting some serious skin in the game.

Active preparation requires us to be honest with ourselves.

I invite you to look back from where you are today. Look back at the last 10 years.  What got you here?

Now look where you are today in relationship to the next ten years.  Are the actions you’re taking preparing you for where you want to go?

It sounds so simple, but give it a try. Give it some serious time, maybe ten minutes each morning for two weeks. Or an hour each week for the next four weeks. It takes work and concentration. Be honest with yourself. You will no doubt be amazed by what you find out about yourself and what you’re capable of.

The vast majority of the successful people I know are successful because they are clear about vision – this week, this year, this lifetime. Clarity is king, and preparation brings clarity.

Know I’m here to help you get ready for your future – Today.

Your Wing Woman,

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