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for the long weekend: your process

My favorite speaker at the recent 99% conference (which is all about transforming ideas into reality) was Andrew Zuckerman.

As many of you know, Andrew created a project called Wisdom.  If you haven’t checked it out, take a look, it’s absolutely inspiring.

At the time, Andrew was a talented photographer + director who had never shot portraits of humans before. With this endeavor he set out to capture the wisdom of some of the most legendary, notable figures in our world that are 65 or over.

His project spanned both northern and southern hemispheres, from world leaders to Hollywood legends – Desmond Tutu to Jane Goodall.

When it came time to debut the collection of work, he included a photograph of his cases that held all of his equipment for the shoots.  These cases became a pivotal part of his experience.

No matter what the challenges were that he ran into– unexpected circumstances, lack of sleep, lack of access to the subjects (he was given just 3 minutes with one of them) – as long as he had those cases, he could set up in an hour.

Those cases were the foundation of his process.  Andrew’s understanding of his process allowed him to be able to set up the shoot while saving precious brain space and focus to be present with his subjects – to capture their story in a creative way that honored who they are.

And, it got me thinking.

How do I create?  What’s my process for making an idea happen? What ‘cases’ do I carry that allow me to reach that mental creation space, no matter the conditions.

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been back from the conference, and I’m starting to hone in on my ‘case’ elements.  It’s not a complete list, as I know I’ll be curating its belongings for a long time.   Here’s a glimpse into my creative ‘case.’

Clockwise, Starting Left: Staying plugged in, enough sleep, deadlines, white space to think, collaboration of partners and advisors
Illustrations Generously Contributed by George Hampton

Over the long weekend, give yourself some time to play. Think about – What’s in your cases that allow for your creations to live and thrive?

What inspires you?
What environments support your creativity?
What is the emotional ride as you create something new?
How do you literally make an idea come to life?

Never forget – I’m here to support you making your vision come to life.  Always.

Your WingWoman,

Additional Sources of Inspiration
> Sustainable Games
> Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED Talk on Nurturing Creativity
> Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky
> The Path of Least Resistance by Robert Fritz
> The Creative Process Illustrated

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