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Top Tips for Performance Reviews
09 07 11, 10:00 am
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Most people know what they do and don’t do well.  And, those that aren’t aware, deserve to be educated.  Here are some top tips on how to give clear, useful performance reviews that will help develop your employee(s).

1.  Have your employee fill out their own evaluation as their manager is getting a full 360 degree view (in some cases this may be you).
2.  Get a FULL 360 degree view (boss, peers, direct reports)
3.  Compare the 360 with their self-assessment.  Marry the results.
4.  Give employee the results.
5.  Meet with employee a week later to help them create a plan of action to leverage strengths, and improve on weaknesses.
6.  Manager and employee check in each quarter to see where the employee is in relationship to their plan.  Manager coaches as need be.

If you have used other proven methods you’d like to recommend?  Please share!

Are you a Solopreneur?  While you may not have employees, you have relationships with vendors and partnerships that help you fulfill your brand and work.  Here are some recommends for how to fulfill this with your vendor relationships, so the cogs can be removed while the valuable relationships can continue to grow and evolve.

Performance Reviews for the Solopreneur (Part 1): Assessing Your Vendors/Alliances/Partnerships

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