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Creation is awkward
09 14 11, 10:30 am
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Creation is awkward.  It’s not supposed to be easy to engineer and envision something you never have before.

Many of us think of the ‘arts’ and creative pursuits when we think of creation, but creation expands into so many other areas.  Think about relationships, businesses, environments, passions, priorities, skills, and life!

Even if the project or your idea may look like something you’ve done in the past, time, experience, perspective, process, and technology are just a few of potential influencers that add nuance to making this particular creation come to life.

So here are a few thoughts as you go down the road of creation…

> Be understanding of the fact that you are in a new process.
> There is a time to push and a time to marinate.  When you feel like you want to hit your head against a wall, marinate.  When you feel like you are stagnant, take some action.  Trust your body and mind.  If you are conscious, it will guide you.
> Look to others for inspiration and ideas.  We have so many incredible models and leaders at our fingertips, not to mention a world wide web full of resources, how-to’s, and live case studies!
> Be patient.  Perfection (or rather curation) isn’t met through overnight success.
> Be intentional and unattached.
> Get an advocate. Whether a friend, mentor, coach or consultant, find someone who can champion you, hold you accountable, and help you see new perspectives.
> Acknowledge your engagement in the process along the way.  It takes a lot of courage and strength to stick with something, even as it may change and evolve.

May you experience all the magnificence of bringing your ideas to life!


> Sit in the Throne of Agony by Sally Hogshead
> Creativity, the corpse pose + what to do in between projects by Danielle LaPorte
> The 99% Conference
> The Creative Habit by Twla Tharp
> Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron
> Find Your First Profitable Idea by Ramit Sethi

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