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09 29 11, 11:03 am
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Talent is precious.  And as we move from a manufacturing model to a creativity model, it’s never been more apparent that our ideas are the equity of our future. And creative talent is essential to make those ideas come to life.

Think of talent as your human capital.  You can’t afford to hire the wrong talent and you can’t hope that uninspired talent will perform effectively.

Similar to plant life, different talent has different needs. While some plants thrive on direct light and lots of water, others will die under the same conditions.

So how do you manage your green house of ever-changing talent? What do you do to stay tapped into what your talent needs to grow and perform?

You stay present.
What does the company need?  What do you need?  And, what do the others in your team need?

You mentor.
Like a mentor or parent, you help your talent find their own voice, so they know how to mature in their craft – communicate their wants and needs as they evolve in their career.  You help them become more self aware of who they are and how they impact their team, your client, the company, etc.

You create accountability with checking in.
Having a conversation once a year with your talent about how they are contributing to the team, excelling or falling behind in a performance review is great but it’s an event. Discussing those reviews throughout the year gives your talent the opportunity to hardwire new thinking, habits, and behavior more consistently.

You look to yourself.
And, as a manager/leader/boss you don’t always look to others.  Sometimes you have to look to yourself as your own unique talent and ask – is this environment inspiring me, using all of my talents, allowing for me to grow?  And, how am I impacting this group of talent?

When talent is fostered, creation becomes a gift with an arsenal of potential.  When talent is neglected, it can be one of the greatest detriments to your company and teams.

I’m here to support you leveraging and harnessing your greatest assets – your people.

Your Wing Woman,

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