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the marriage helix
10 20 11, 10:30 am
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This past weekend, my husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. In honor of our latest milestone, I wanted to share the marriage helix with you.

The image below was drawn a few years ago on a really fun night after going through a particularly rough time in our lives. While discussing the previous months and our happiness with them being over, my husband drew this image and explained that the two strands represented our individual lives. Where they intersect represents us consciously coming back together to check in with each other. I think of those connection points as engagement in its truest form. Continue reading

Morphine and Achievement
10 13 11, 11:00 am
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As I was running the other day, “In Spite of Me” by Morphine came on. One of my all-time favorite songs that tells the story of a woman reaching success in spite of the writer in the song.

And all I could think of is how we all succeed in spite of ourselves. When you are in a world of achievers, we perfect, we obsess, we fear, and we doubt. And, because we are good at getting things done, we make it happen. But at what cost?

So what you are waiting for? Shall you step out of your own way?

10 07 11, 11:00 am
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A talented therapist once told me “your ego will always want to be the main character in your movie.”  When you start making choices from places other than your ego, you start using your “full” self.  The farther you move the ego down in the credits of your life, the louder the ego gets.  Your ego wants that star role.

When you are conscious of your ego, it allows for you to know when to let your ego play the main character, supporting role, or be an extra.

And, that shift from auto-pilot egoic self to your consciousness of looking at your full self requires change, adjustment, and sometimes tantrums and tears.

Think of it as your ego going through grief.  And, like grief, it takes time to accept, deal, and move on.

We are not robots.
10 04 11, 10:45 am
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When companies grow, it’s a natural reaction to scale and systemize processes to bring consistent service, prevent potential damaging scenarios and to be able to manage how the business runs.

Systemizing can impede the human factor.

Systems are meant to streamline processes. But they don’t remove the need for the human factor.

Humans are not robots. They are talent.

Our input makes a difference, especially, when you are dealing with exceptions.

So hire smart humans. Identify the purpose of your work. Empower them to understand where they can make a difference. And, then let them do their jobs.


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