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the marriage helix
10 20 11, 10:30 am
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This past weekend, my husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. In honor of our latest milestone, I wanted to share the marriage helix with you.

The image below was drawn a few years ago on a really fun night after going through a particularly rough time in our lives. While discussing the previous months and our happiness with them being over, my husband drew this image and explained that the two strands represented our individual lives. Where they intersect represents us consciously coming back together to check in with each other. I think of those connection points as engagement in its truest form.

The key to the helix is that you don’t ever want to get so far apart in your individual pursuits that joining back together is too hard, requires too much momentum, or feels like a habit versus an intentional connection.

David Whyte proposes we all have Three Marriages – marriage to yourself, marriage to your work, and marriage to your love partner.

How are your marriages doing?

Marriages exist with or without your attention. But when you are conscious of how your marriage is progressing or struggling, it gives you an advantage to course correct, stay on path, and stay connected.

All of our marriages require work, commitment, presence, intention, and a whole lotta love to carry us through the good times and help alleviate the challenging ones.

The marriage helix reminds us that the space between us doesn’t have to separate us.

It has been helpful to us. I hope it’s helpful to you.

I’m here to help you leverage your individual pursuits, while staying connected and aligned to those intersecting moments of magic.

I am your Wing Woman.


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So true that marriages take work, and that they also take that sense of independence. Marriage is the hardest of all life pursuits. It’s a dirty little secret, but so true. Glad to see you and Maki have a good one.

Comment by Stef

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