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Do you feel alive?
02 23 12, 7:41 pm
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I recently came across Harvard Business Review’s latest issue about what makes people thrive and create sustainable performance within their work environments. The article is called The Value of Happiness.

Researchers identified two components that influence thriving, sustainable performance: Vitality + Learning. A combo that makes absolute sense, but is more rare than you might think.
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02 15 12, 6:40 pm
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As I look around my space, I am grateful for my relationships.  They have allowed me personal and professional fulfillment throughout my life.  I’ve definitely had my fair share of heartache as well as valuable learning opportunities, too, but the net is always greater than the loss.

Look around you.  What are your relationships like?  Are you surrounded by new relationships?  Do you have a lot of people around you that you’ve known for years?  A mix of both?  Which relationships are you most proud of?  Which relationships do you need to reinvent or simply say goodbye to?

Relationships have the potential to enhance life’s engagement, make business happen, and help the world go round.  What do relationships create for you?


02 07 12, 10:42 am
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A few weeks ago, I caught up with one of my favorite executives. I’m always inspired by how he leads his team. He’s clear, hires smart people, and (this is the clincher) he actively develops them on a monthly basis.

That’s right. Every integral person to his team goes out with him once a month to do a few things:

> Take it out of the office. Personal can be quite relevant to getting the professional work done.
> Get feedback about the department and other employee dynamics and politics.
> Helps them manage their goals, career path, and accomplishments.

The last one really stood out to me last week. As Seth Godin shares, your accomplishments and resume are symbiotic, but they are not the same thing.

Accomplishments may further a career, but more importantly, they bring a sense of satisfaction, completion, and pride. Everyone needs all three of things to feel engaged and alive about their work.

How do you make sure that your people are keeping track of their accomplishments? How do you keep track of yours?

02 02 12, 4:13 pm
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I’m taking voice lessons from the incredible Teal Collins from The Mother Truckers.  And, the last few days I’ve experienced great frustration because I have to learn how to pace my breath.  I can sing those notes well, but without the pace of my breath, I peter out at the end.  For those of you that know me, pace is something I strive for.  I’ve typically been a run-stop-run-stop kinda girl, and while I appreciate the productivity that energy can bring short term,  I value what pace can do long-term.

I’m curious, how do you manage pace?

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