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Do you feel alive?
02 23 12, 7:41 pm
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I recently came across Harvard Business Review’s latest issue about what makes people thrive and create sustainable performance within their work environments. The article is called The Value of Happiness.

Researchers identified two components that influence thriving, sustainable performance: Vitality + Learning. A combo that makes absolute sense, but is more rare than you might think.

When I feel vital and alive in my work, I bring more energy and spark that positively impacts those around me from a ‘feel good’ perspective. And, we are more productive as a team and get more done. I feel impassioned.

When I feel dull and uninspired, the actual work feels rote. Like I’m simply going through the motions. I have yet to meet anyone who regularly excels in their career or is a long-term asset to their company when they are simply going through the motions. It just doesn’t happen.

Learning gives people the opportunity to be an expert and elevate their status within their field. It’s been shown that people who develop their abilities and skillsets “are likely to believe in their potential for future growth.”

The clincher is that you need both. “Learning can create momentum but without passion it can lead to burnout.” When you feel vital but you are applying it the same way over and over again, work begins to feel like that hamster wheel in which you are moving but not actually going anywhere. You‘re brain gets numb to the initial joy.

Do you feel alive in your work?

Here are four strategies that support a ‘vital’ and ‘learning’ work environment:

>Provide Decision-Making Discretion
People like to feel empowered. Invite them to the table when making cultural shifts and problem solving. Given the chance, they will often contribute great practical solutions that are relevant and work towards making them feel engaged and part of something larger.

>Share information
Everyone needs some, and more often than not, more than you’re currently doling out. Whether your company wants to transparently share all of its financials with everyone or you simply create the opportunity for others to bring their own information to the table in a digestible way, it’s important to find more ways to be more communicative with the goodies. The free flow of information serves and benefits employees and the company.

>Minimize Incivility
It’s toxic. It’s bad-mannered. It doesn’t work. This can range from ‘forgetting’ to include a colleague on something to treating the people who work with you as inferior. The best bosses simultaneously mentor and challenge people. Expect a lot of positive feedback when you consistently nail both.

>Offer Performance Feedback
In the work I do, I cannot over-emphasize how important this is. Do your people know what they do well? Do they know what they can improve upon? Do you regularly have conversations with them about those areas of strength and opportunities for growth?

We all deserve to grow and feel alive in the work we do. I’m always here to support you getting there.
Here’s to more leading, learning, and being endlessly inspired!

Your Wing Woman,

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