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The Great Balancing Act
05 17 12, 3:30 pm
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When you’re managing a business or a team of people, you’re constantly juggling.

You are responsible for…

  1. The Day-to-Day. Getting the work done “in” your business.
  2. The Team. Fostering those who work with and for you.
  3. The Future. Getting the work done “on” your business

We live in a reactive world, so it’s not strange that we respond to what is most urgent.  But when you forget about the non-urgent, they often become urgent after it’s too late.

You might lose valuable talent because they don’t feel appreciated or challenged. Maybe your client starts looking for new partners because you were so busy working on where they are now you missed the opportunity to help them get where they need to go.  Or your focus on the future jeopardized your immediate business needs and the small details that have big impact are being missed.

Juggling the whole enchilada – the immediate, the team, and the future – takes balance.

Many think of balance as a utopian destination that signifies being in control and ‘equal’ in all areas. From what I’ve seen, that kind of utopian balance doesn’t exist… especially for creative executives at creative companies.

Balance in this context is more like a 3 legged table.  If one of the legs starts to get ignored and breaks down, the whole table falls.

So what area needs a little extra love and attention from you?  What are two actions you could take today to make a difference in those areas?

You and your team’s success depend on it.

As always, I’m here to remind me of your impact, your potential, and your greatness.

Your Wing Woman,

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