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06 26 12, 11:00 am
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As last week was the advertising mecca of Cannes where creative executives get acknowledged and handed gold lions for the best creative work in the world globally, it made me think of all the accomplishments they don’t had awards out for…

* The producer that put together the project players of a lifetime with a shoe-string budget.

* The manager whose employee got hired by one of the hottest companies in town due to their mentorship.

* The parent that had a sick kid at home, rocked a big client conference call, and peed all at the same time (not recommended but it does happen).

* A genuine heartfelt thank you from a normally miserable client.

The list could go on and on.

So look back at your last year. What are three things you thought were wins? I guarantee there are a plethora of accomplishments in there that are worth acknowledging.

Do you have the right motivation?
06 21 12, 7:43 pm
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According to research highlighted by Clay Christensen in How Will You Measure Your Life? there are two types of factors that influence our work – hygiene factors + motivators.

Hygiene factors are “elements of the work that, if not done right, will cause us to be dissatisfied.”  Things that fall into this category are job security, compensation, status, work conditions, company policies, the way in which your supervisor manages/leads you, etc.

The interesting thing they discovered is that if these things are unsatisfactory and they are somehow all improved, it won’t necessarily make you love your job. It just makes you not hate it. Continue reading

What are you waiting for?
06 13 12, 4:29 pm
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There is no silver bullet or magic key.

Timing and strategy are important in thinking through a transition, growth, or move. But so is risk.

Strategy helps give context for what’s happened in the past as well as what could happen in the future.

Risk is the catalyst for chutzpah.  It’s the underbelly of taking on anything new, trying a different idea or concept, or making a change.   Are you waiting for the silver bullet or are you taking the risks you need to to get where you want to go?

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