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Do you have the right motivation?
06 21 12, 7:43 pm
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According to research highlighted by Clay Christensen in How Will You Measure Your Life? there are two types of factors that influence our work – hygiene factors + motivators.

Hygiene factors are “elements of the work that, if not done right, will cause us to be dissatisfied.”  Things that fall into this category are job security, compensation, status, work conditions, company policies, the way in which your supervisor manages/leads you, etc.

The interesting thing they discovered is that if these things are unsatisfactory and they are somehow all improved, it won’t necessarily make you love your job. It just makes you not hate it.  That’s not to say that these hygiene factors aren’t important, but they won’t cause you to love your job.
What influences your love of a job are what Christensen calls motivators.  Motivators include recognition, responsibility, challenging work, and personal growth.

When I first started out my business, the first three years were grueling.  I was making a small fraction of what I made in my previous job.  My doubt was louder than my confidence. It was hard to build something out of nothing.  It took a ton of energy and time and patience (which many know is not my forte), and it took a commitment to the work.

But with each step of the way, I was growing, and looking for the opportunities that my roadblocks provided me.  These weren’t always in the same day or work, but I stuck with it.  Why?  Because the work was challenging.  And, when it stopped being challenging, I created new road maps to engage myself in new ways.

Now when I stop to take a breath, I see the cool office that I love. When I do my books, I see that I’m out of the red and back in black to a place of prosperity and growth.  And when I talk about my work, there is a fire in my belly that didn’t use to be there.

That’s the insight.  You are going to have bosses that suck.  You are going to work at places that go through transitions and don’t always give you what you need.  Expecting otherwise is like expecting a lifelong relationship without any disagreements.

But if you are clear about what challenges you and engages you, if you look for those opportunities to learn in the midst of chaos, you can start to see the satisfaction and growth even in less ‘hygienic’ circumstances.

So the questions I leave you with are…

  • Do you feel challenged in your work?
  • Are you growing within your craft and profession?
  • Do you feel accountability and responsibility to the contribution you are making?

If you answered no to these questions, are there changes you can make to make a difference in your work experience?  Or is it time to take some risks, make some changes, and go deep to find out what really motivates you?

You have the key to this one.  All you have to do it use it.

I’m here to help champion and focus you along the way…


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