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I have a new job. Now what?
10 25 12, 9:21 am
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You’ve worked really hard to get to this new position.  It’s a big shift for you, more responsibility, more strategy, more challenging… and you don’t know where to start.  The rhythm of your previous job was more immediate and reactive.  All that you had to do was right in front of you.  And, this job, well, it requires thought, planning, and creating your position in a way that you’ve never experienced.

Many very smart executives spend months getting situated with this new job in a way that wastes a lot of valuable time.  Momentum is a special force, and we all have the ability to harness that energy so we don’t miss our window of leverage.

Some simple things you can do to maximize your impact in the first 3 months…

Write down why you took this position in 2-5 sentences on a piece of paper and keep it close by.  Refer to it often.

Understand from your bosses/C-levels what success looks like prior to starting this new job/position.  What’s your role?  Who do you report to?  What do they expect of you?

Understand who the key stakeholders are:  clients, team members, other departments, martians, whatever!

Familiarize yourself with the key stakeholders’ POV.

Understand the strengths and limits of your team that will help and hinder the success you have set out to create.  Ask them individually and collectively.  They most likely will give you some valuable intel.

Put aside thinking time.  You are doing something new.  This isn’t supposed to be old hat to you, so it requires you spending some extra brain energy putting valuable resources to this kind of development.

Be disciplined.  Don’t get lazy with the thinking time and get roped into drama and agendas.  Stay the course of what really matters to your success, the success of your company, and the job at hand.  Protect your team and protect your time.

Track milestones.  Everyone needs to know where the progress is happening and getting stalled.

Celebrate wins – small and big.  Everyone forgets this one.  Avoid always chasing the carrot without taking a bite or two when you deserve it.

Now, go rock your new opportunity.  You’ve earned it.

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