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What will your Legacy be?
11 15 12, 9:05 am
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People often seek me out when they’re dealing with particularly important transitions in their careers or lives. They’re seeking another point of view or a new skillset or they want to leverage something in a new way. Whether the client is 25 or 65, it’s common for the conversation to evolve beyond that particular period in time and we often end up talking about legacy.

Legacy is a heavy word, but the reality is we’re all leaving one, whether we’re thinking about it or not. If you are unclear about your legacy, creating a Vision is the place to start. Vision helps us get clear and articulate the legacy we want to leave versus waking up one morning and realizing the legacy we’ve created is nowhere near where our hearts want it to be.

Legacy has a wide range of possibilities… from global application to backyard functionality. From creating a game-changing technology to simply leaving people feeling a particular way whenever they encounter you.

One of the executives I work with loves to develop and mentor those that work for them. One dimension of his legacy is to meet with his people individually every month (yes, every month) and have a conversation about how they are growing in their careers.

Another one is passionate about model change and has been a pioneer in developing a new industry.

Creative Executives are a passionate bunch. You pour your heart and soul into your jobs, working long hard hours to sell great work. You often care so much about what you produce that it overrides the sacrifices you make to get it done. And even when you are burnt out, there’s a fire inside that makes it hard to leave what you’ve started. That’s the beauty and pain of being a creative executive, regardless of your industry.

The holidays are rapidly approaching. Before they do, turn some of that fire and passion on your own legacy. Seize the opportunity to think about the contribution you’re making. It’s one of the most generous things you can do this holiday season.

I invite you to take a few minutes this week to think about.

> What is the legacy I have created thus far?
> How do I contribute to those around me?
> What is the legacy I want to leave?

You have gifts to share. It’s never too late to start creating your lasting endowment. I’m always here to remind you of how great that difference can be.

In peace and gratitude for you,

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