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The Regroup

CeeLo Green recently opened up about taking a year off from NBC’s hit show, The Voice. He explained that it all comes down to time.

His career endeavors – TV, music, production, life – have made him busier than ever. While he’s enjoyed being on TV, he’s a musician at his core and wants to spend time immersing himself in his true creative passion.

It got me thinking about choices and multi-tasking. Creative Executives are rarely at a loss for ideas or passions. We can start something that seems like an incredible idea, but our involvement and focus in that endeavor can be so great that really important parts of who we are get neglected.

I ask you:  What has this last year felt like to you?  Do you feel satisfied?  Have you been making choices that allow for you to focus on things that make you YOU.  Are you taking care of yourself or are you just doing something that feels like you should?

The holidays and end of the year can be an excellent time to regroup. If you can carve out some time to have an hour or two on your own, you can reflect on the past year, think about what really matters, and plot out a game plan to put into action in the New Year.

gift-smallYou may discover that you need to shift your course and direction.  Maybe you just need to re-engage in what you are currently doing in way that feels more connected to who you are. Or maybe you need to explore a hobby where the purpose is having fun vs. making a career out of it.

It’s about giving yourself the gift of time and thinking. You work hard and deserve it.  In fact, you may even owe it to yourself.

Wishing you all a very happy holiday and New Year!

Much love,

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