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Space + Chaos
03 18 13, 5:04 pm
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The world is full and fast. Technology, trends, fads, taste, people, planets… everything changes. You’re either struggling to keep up or keep your head down while it all moves by you.

I don’t know any (I mean any) creative executives that have too little to do or not enough on their plate. The reactive world of getting shit done can take us down. And that can get messy. Really messy. Just when we have it figured out, controlled, and organized something changes.

How do you manage to flow with it all and not get too far under it?
How do you carve out space in the chaos to be present to what feeds your greatness?

paintDon’t resist the change.
For starters, accept that chaos is a part of our human experience. Balance is aspirational, but expecting to have perfect equilibrium sets you up for disappointment (says the new mother of a four-month old).

Identify what’s important.
What are your non-negotiables? Identifying them is Power.

Communicate your priorities.
Let the world know. This arms you with accountability and sets the expectations of others.

Follow through.
Make time for the things that are important to you. Even when it’s hard. Giving time and energy to your priorities makes it easier for you to stay motivated when you’re In It.

Ask for help.
That’s what team and tribe and community are all about. At work or at home, who can cover you in your biggest moments of chaos so you can duck out? To run or see your family or read a paper (yes, an actual paper)? Who’s got your back?

Be present.
You may only get small windows of space. Ten minutes here, three days there. However long you have or need, be present when you are there. Savor it. Fill back up.

Where do you need to create some space in your chaos? What will it take for you to give yourself that presence in the midst of change? You, your teams, and your life deserve that clarity.

Championing you always,

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