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Do you see the forest or the trees?

This morning, I was listening to a Deepak/Oprah meditation that landed in my inbox. (I’m a big fan of these meditations!)

The topic was ageless living, and there was a great point about how common it is and how stressful it is to overthink our age, how much time has passed since something had happened or how much time was left before an upcoming event.

Yet, as the meditation pointed out, there is no counting “time” in the here and now. When we are truly present and breathing and letting go, there are no thoughts about where or who we’re supposed to be. In the present, we just are.

It got me thinking. A particular age is a milestone, just as a job title or a certain salary or a project deadline are milestones. All of these things stress us out, to the point that they block us from the here and now and fully absorbing life as it happens.

This happens in work environments all the time.

New clients say:

  • “I’m exactly where I wanted to be, forest-through-treesand it doesn’t feel like I thought it would.”
  • “I’m doing everything I’m supposed to, and I still don’t feel fulfilled.”
  • “We accomplished this big win, and the team is burnt out as a result of it.”
  • “I’m really bummed out I haven’t been promoted.  Sure I’m doing the work of that title, but that’s not enough — I’ve got to have the title.”

Don’t get me wrong: Milestones are great. They help us see where we want to go.  And they let us know when we have arrived.

But milestones are just a map. They are not the actual world.

When we let the pursuit of milestones take over, we confuse the map for our experience of visiting those places in person. (Tweet+Share)

A special shout-out to Deepak and Oprah for giving me the space to realize another way to articulate what this brand strives to do in the world.

We help make maps.  And we help you actually walk the earth of that map, breathing as you go.  We are here to help you Work Life Better.

If you want some guidance to achieve the FULL experience, you know where to find us.

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