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The Duality of Plans

Plans can both help and hinder us in creating the best work we can for our companies and teams.  Here are 3 ways planning can benefit and kill Work Life Better.

A plan that SUPPORTS creative insight helps…
1.  understand the work ahead for yourself and others
2.  identify potential pitfalls or forks in the road
3.  get work done when you don’t feel like using your brain for logistics, so you can use your brain for creative visioning + problem solving

A plan that RESTRICTS creativity + progress is…
1.  inflexible – a cemented action plan
2.  unrealistic and impossible to fulfill
3.  a way to control (micromanage +/or overfunction for) others, losing out on the magic of team and iteration

Share with us below how plans help you reach success and where they get in the way or you accomplishing your goals.

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