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My summer has been filled with planes, trains, and automobiles.

On one of my recent trips, I took a day trip from Milwaukee to Chicago on the train.  After a productive day of meetings, I headed back to Union Station a bit tired, yet content.  I was looking forward to a relaxing train ride back to Milwaukee.

As people lined up for the train, you could feel the stress build in the waiting area.

When the train arrived, I began walking casually to grab a seat.  But then people began whizzing by me to secure a good spot, and I picked up speed… unconsciously.  I was being herded without realizing it.

That herd mentality can be such a subtle, yet strong force in our lives.  We don’t even notice it until we’ve already fallen prey to it.
And that’s where I’ve been spending my development time this summer: attempting to unherd my thinking and identify where I really want to go personally and professionally vs. unconsciously trying to fulfill someone else’s agenda.

When we allow ourselves to be herded, our values often fall out of alignment. Our impact on the world lessens. Our legacies suffer.

Here are some examples of what herdlike behavior can look like…

  • Wanting to start your own business but putting it off because you’re comfortable with your current lifestyle, despite your soulless day-to-day work.
  • Not speaking up in a meeting because you don’t share the rest of the group’s thinking.
  • Believing in mentoring but not making time for it because your work culture doesn’t value it.
  • Doing the same thing every week and being a slave to your structure, which is actually your own self-constructed herd.

Herds can be useful because they can help us figure out where we should be.  And they can help leverage momentum and movement. But they can also take away the intention and thinking around our actions in a way that dulls our mind, body and spirit.

So I invite you to use this last month of summer to pay attention, dig deep and unherd.

Where do you find yourself going along with a person, an idea, or a way of being “just because”?

Where are the opportunities for you to be more conscious about your choices, actions, needs and desires?

You deserve what you want in your career and in this life.  Even if it isn’t part of the pack.

Need some help?  That’s what we are here for.

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