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Why I Keep Coming Back to ‘Your Best Year Yet’

I hope you had a wonderful holiday week last week full of good food, great times with family and friends, and some rest!

Several friends and clients have been intrigued by a practice I do annually called Best Year Yet.

The book Book“Your Best Year Yet!” by Jinny S. Ditzler asks 10 questions to help you get clear on your wins and challenges during the past year while also helping you focus your energy and efforts in the year ahead in a way that will make it …(badumbum) Your Best Year Yet.

Since most of you are still on vacation, I encourage you to take advantage of this time to do some insightful planning for the year ahead.

You’re probably inundated with books, articles and other resources right now to help you plan your 2015. But the simplicity and flexibility of Best Year Yet keep me coming back to it. Working through the questions takes three or four hours. I recommend giving yourself four hours, and I encourage you to go through the process with a friend, spouse or colleague.  As I’ve done Best Year Yet, I’ve found that sharing someone else brings about more insights.

Some of the things I learned when I answered the questions this year:

We tend to think more about our disappointments without acknowledging our wins. My accomplishments weren’t pages long, but they were biggies. And after I moved on to other questions, I would remember more and more accomplishments I was proud of.  I love having a list of those to look back on.

I needed to do my own values assessment again! It was hard to recollect my top 5. So I spent some time doing that last week to get anchored in what matters most to me.

I get to show a lot of creativity in my professional life, and I realized I want to bring more of it into my home life, too. I often feel like a House Manager. I want to feel more like a Home Maker.  It’s more inspiring to me and everyone else in our house. Just ask my husband. 😉

I’m looking forward to hearing what your wins and challenges have been.

And know we wish you a Happy New Year – full of joy, growth and great health!

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