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Elevate Your Game
09 08 15, 10:20 am
Filed under: Growth + Development

What gets you from A to B isn’t what gets you from B to C.  I was talking to a few clients last month about elevating their game.

At first, it sounds like a nice “cheerleader” phrase, but after we got into the session, they got it.

I mean really got it. And the comment at the end of the call was “this is career changing.”

Yes, I’m good at what I do. I help bring clarity to the stuck, uncertain, and indifferent through expertise and intuition I’ve been honing for many, many years. But the magic also comes when my clients get the insight that this next phase of elevation is all about taking care of yourself within the bigger ecosystem of taking care of others – contribution in a big f*&!#in way.

When you are satisfied in your work and are clear about how you want to be stretched and help others grow, beautiful things happen…like creativity, perseverance, and blinding light-filled clarity.

Once you see the opportunities, it’s hard to let it go.

You can do this your way.  The Art of Leadership, Baby. Two people can approach how they lead with different styles and yield similar results. The question is – Do you need to revolutionize your habits, your philosophies, and ways of being in your work and life in order to make it happen?

If the answer is yes, join us for our Creative Executive Immersion.  The Immersion is a dynamic, relevant experience to take you out of the day-to-day reactivity of your work to truly focus on your vision, strategize how it’s going to best take root, and make sure that you are not only leading your people to grow, but leading yourself down a path to continue to be challenged, engaged, and creating deep impact.

Remember, you’re worth it.

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