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You Are Awesome
12 08 15, 9:59 am
Filed under: Creativity, Growth + Development, Health

This has been a year of incredible growth for me and for my clients. We have all been doing a lot of brave things lately.

Personally, this year’s work forced me to not skirt around what’s most important and has made me dive deep in order to authentically speak about what I think matters in this world of creative executives.

From a company perspective, I was taking stock of the accomplishments, and none of them – I mean none – would have been possible without all of you. It’s been amazing to sit back and reflect.

I put my heart and soul into this work, and I’m fortunate it’s so often welcomed with your open arms and encouragement. Your love, acknowledgement and appreciation always help me when I’m having a shitty moment, day, or week.

…or when things are hard.

…or when I doubt.

…or when I’m mad.

…or when I’m unsure.

You help me persevere.

And that’s exactly why I’m here for you.

So thank you. The impact I’m able to make in the world relies on your collective contributions, and they are never taken for granted. 

You each have special talents and gifts to share with those you live with and work with. May you remember your strengths, your power, and your ability to have grace in the face of adversity as you complete this year and envision the possibilities of tomorrow.

Sending you all love, kindness, and gratitude during this holiday season.

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No, you are awesome, Jen!


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