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Jen Spencer, Certified Results Coach


Jen Spencer is a certified Results Coach. Her mission is to help clients focus their strengths and realize their power in order to reach their desired outcomes.


Prior to establishing her coaching business, Jen spent eight years in a small business partnership, providing resources to advertising agencies and helping them enhance their creative visions. Over the years, it became evident that many of these businesses, and the individuals Jen interacted with, were lacking creative vision in their own professional endeavors and personal lives. Jen realized a genuine need to help facilitate growth and goal achievement. And her new mission was born.


These days, Jen specializes in coaching creative and pragmatic clients, offering a range of programs and services to both teams and individuals. She loves getting involved at the beginning of the process, helping to actualize and design the architecture of her clients’ goals. These goals include everything from strategy development and execution of plans to overcoming obstacles and challenges to achieve results both professionally and personally.


The ideal client who Jen connects with is successful in their current work situation, but would like to reach a higher level of performance; have a big project to create and tackle; are in the process of transitioning career or role; want to work on work/life balance; or simply have not realized their full potential for success. Jen’s goal is to help her clients decrease the gap from where they are to where they want to be.


Jen’s coaching experience spans a wide variety of areas, including leadership, communication, career transition, teamwork, enhancing social and family lives, work/life balance, health, and creativity.


Jen’s client base consists of advertising executives, corporate executives, and artists.  Her absolute commitment and partnership shines through with her direct yet compassionate approach to facilitating new thinking. Clients leave their coaching experience with Jen more energized, in action, and with richer lives.


Jen holds a B.A. in Sociology from Boston College and lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and pup.


To contact Jen, you can reach her at 310-699-7590 or


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