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Do you see the forest or the trees?

This morning, I was listening to a Deepak/Oprah meditation that landed in my inbox. (I’m a big fan of these meditations!)

The topic was ageless living, and there was a great point about how common it is and how stressful it is to overthink our age, how much time has passed since something had happened or how much time was left before an upcoming event.

Yet, as the meditation pointed out, there is no counting “time” in the here and now. When we are truly present and breathing and letting go, there are no thoughts about where or who we’re supposed to be. In the present, we just are.

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the lifeline of creative executives

My friend Ro Rao recently posted a holiday note linking to his latest art project. As an artist, animator, filmmaker, author, and agency creative, Ro is always up for breaking new ground. paintThis time he was dabbling with trash paintings and publicly challenged himself to post one per day for 100 days. Lucky for us and Instagram and Facebook, his commitment and follow-through yielded almost twice that amount, and helped inspire this post.

Now that you’ve had a few weeks to get used to 2014, I want to encourage you to make a commitment to yourself this year – a commitment to create something that has meaning to you. Make your art.

Most of you come up with creative solutions every day for work. But creating from a personal place of vision and proactivity is a different beast, and usually requires a different process. Continue reading

Space + Chaos
03 18 13, 5:04 pm
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The world is full and fast. Technology, trends, fads, taste, people, planets… everything changes. You’re either struggling to keep up or keep your head down while it all moves by you.

I don’t know any (I mean any) creative executives that have too little to do or not enough on their plate. The reactive world of getting shit done can take us down. And that can get messy. Really messy. Just when we have it figured out, controlled, and organized something changes.

How do you manage to flow with it all and not get too far under it?
How do you carve out space in the chaos to be present to what feeds your greatness?
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What will your Legacy be?
11 15 12, 9:05 am
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People often seek me out when they’re dealing with particularly important transitions in their careers or lives. They’re seeking another point of view or a new skillset or they want to leverage something in a new way. Whether the client is 25 or 65, it’s common for the conversation to evolve beyond that particular period in time and we often end up talking about legacy.
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Your Game Plan

After having this conversation about 100 times this year, I thought I would ask you:

How much time do you spend thinking about the future, your vision, and the plan that will help you get where you want to go?

Chances are, not enough. Because life happens.

Maybe you were going to hunker down and do some big thinking on a recent flight, but you got sucked into cleaning out your inbox instead. Or maybe you decided to catch a little shut eye since it was your first chance to sleep in 24 hours.

Maybe you were going to do it after your big new business pitch, but you decided you to go out for drinks with the team and hang out with your family, who forgot what you looked like this last month.

A consistent theme in my work with creative executives is making the time to be visionary and strategic – for your own careers. We flex those thinking muscles on our clients so much more than we do for our selves.
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06 26 12, 11:00 am
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As last week was the advertising mecca of Cannes where creative executives get acknowledged and handed gold lions for the best creative work in the world globally, it made me think of all the accomplishments they don’t had awards out for…

* The producer that put together the project players of a lifetime with a shoe-string budget.

* The manager whose employee got hired by one of the hottest companies in town due to their mentorship.

* The parent that had a sick kid at home, rocked a big client conference call, and peed all at the same time (not recommended but it does happen).

* A genuine heartfelt thank you from a normally miserable client.

The list could go on and on.

So look back at your last year. What are three things you thought were wins? I guarantee there are a plethora of accomplishments in there that are worth acknowledging.

The Great Balancing Act
05 17 12, 3:30 pm
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When you’re managing a business or a team of people, you’re constantly juggling.

You are responsible for…

  1. The Day-to-Day. Getting the work done “in” your business.
  2. The Team. Fostering those who work with and for you.
  3. The Future. Getting the work done “on” your business

We live in a reactive world, so it’s not strange that we respond to what is most urgent.  But when you forget about the non-urgent, they often become urgent after it’s too late.
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